Archive Circulars/Orders

S. No. Ref. No. Date Subject File Type
3CPAO/Admn./DEO/2016-17/912016/05/16Corrigendum - Proforma for financial bidPDF
4No. CPAO/Admn./DEO/2016-17/572016/05/04Corrigendum for change of Tender Submission, Technical and financial bid date.PDF
5CPAO/Admn./DEO/2016/242016/04/08For Providing of Data Entry Operators in the O/o CPAO (Department of Expenditure) for a period of one year by reputed service providerPDF
6CPAO/Admn/Stationery/Tender/2015-16/4582015/10/08Supply of Stationery and other items to CPAO (Corrigendum)PDF
7CPAO/ AMC/ Com & UPS /2015-16 /4572015/10/07Limited Tender Enquiry for comprehensive Annual Maintenance contract of computers/ servers/ printers/Ups System installed at CPAO, Trikoot-2, Bhikaji Cama place New Delhi-110066PDF
8CPAO/Admn/Stationery Tender /2015-162015/09/23Tender for office Stationery and Computer Stationery.PDF
9CPAO/ADMN/UNSKILLED WORKERS/2015-16/3922015/08/31For outsourcing of approx 20 Unskilled Workers to render Housekeeping service in the premises occupied by the CPAO, Trikoot-II, BhikajiCama Place, New DelhiPDF
10F.No. CPAO/ADMN/SECURITY TENDER/2015-16/3602015/08/14ErrataPDF
11F.No. CPAO/ADMN/SECURITY TENDER/2015-16/3482015/08/11ErrataPDF
12F.No. CPAO/ADMN/SECURITY TENDER/2015-162015/08/06For hiring of security guards to render service in the premises occupied by the CPAO, Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi.PDF
13CPAO/Admn./HRV/15-16/2362015/07/01Quotation for hiring taxi on monthly basis in CPAO, M/o Finance, Deptt. of Expenditure, trikoot-2, Bhikaji cama place, New DelhiPDF
14CPAO/Admn/Disposal items/2014-2015/6542015/01/28Public Auction NoticePDF
15CPAO/Admn/Stationery/2013-14/1822014/06/19Tender for Procurement of Stationery Items (Envelops)PDF
16No. CPAO/Admn/Stationery/2013-14/4512013/11/14Tender for procurement of Stationery items.PDF
17CPAO/Admn/AMC/Computers/2007-082013/07/18Annual maintenance contract for Computer hardware, networking and other related peripherals including servers installed in the office of CPAO, New Delhi.PDF
18CPAO/Admn/Networking/2011-12/4752012/09/14Corrigendum for supply and installation of Networking Equipments including integration with existing LAN at CPAO.PDF
19CPAO/Admn/Stationery/2012-13/4352012/08/27Tender for procurement of stationery items.PDF
20NIT/1/12-132012/08/16Supply and Installation of Networking Equipments Including integration with existing LAN at Central Pension Accounting office.PDF
21F.No. CPAO/Admn/HRV/2011-12/11182012/02/23Tender for hiring of vehicle purely on contractual term for a period of one year for use in CPAOPDF
22No.F. CPAO/Admn./Disposal old items/2011-12/1075-11062012/02/21Public Auction NoticePDF
23CPAO/Admn./HRV/2011-12/9872012/01/25Tender for Hiring of vehicle Purely on CONTRACTUAL TERM for a period of one year for use in CPAOPDF
24CPAO/Admn./Security-Tender/2011-12/979 2012/01/24Tender for the providing of Security Services on Outsourcing basis for the CPAO - Reg.PDF
25CPAO/Admn./Casual Labour/2008-09/9802012/01/24Tender for the engagement of Manpower Services on Outsourcing basis for the CPAO - Reg.PDF
26CPAO/Admn./D Water/2009/8542011/12/16Tender for procurement of drinking water outsourcing basis for the CPAO-Reg.PDF
27CPAO/Admn./Misc.Pur/20112011/11/15Quotations for HP Laser Jet Printer and Norton Antivirus.PDF
28CPAO/Admn/Scanning/20112011/11/01Tender for providing services of scanning work of documents on outsourcing basis for the CPAO-Reg.(last date 29-11-2011)PDF
29CPAO/DCA Sectt./2011-12/OTH/Scanning/6282011/11/01Tender for providing services of scanning work of documents on outsourcing basis for the CPAO-Reg.(last date 17-11-2011)PDF
30CPAO/Admin./D.Water/20092011/07/25Supply of Packaged Drinking Water(In CPAO-.20/25(Litre Jars))PDF
31CPAO/Admn/Com.Sty/2011-12/2172011/06/24Procurement of Stationery Items.PDF
32CPAO/Admin/CCTV/2007-20082011/05/24Procurement of CCTVsPDF
33CPAO/ADMN/SOFTWARE/2010-11/7142011/03/03Quotation notice for the supply of Software Items.PDF
34CPAO/ADMN/SEURITY-QTN/2011-122011/03/03Inviting quotation for providing security cover to CPAO building.PDF
35CPAO/Admn./HRV/2009-102010/08/04Hiring of DLY car for official use of this office - Calling for quotations- Terms and Conditionss of Contract- Reg...PDF
36CPAO/Admn/Com. Sty/2008-09/2062010/06/28Inviting sealed quotations for procurement of stationary items on a regular basis to CPAO, Ministry of Finance at Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place, New DelhiPDF
37CPAO/Admn./Contract Labour/2008-09/2010/05/20Providing Un-Skilled labour on contract basis for carrying out miscellaneous patty jobs in CPAO, Ministry of Finance at Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place, New DelhiPDF
38CPAO/ADMN./Quotation-Security/2009-2010/2010/03/22Quotation for providing Security servicesPDF
39CPAO/Admn./Comp. Sty./2010-11/2072010/01/07Corrigendum for Tender notice dated 28/06/2010PDF
40CPAO/ADMN./Thin Client/2007-08/2009/10/07Quotation for The AMC for Thin clientPDF
41CPAO/ADMN./AMC/2007-08/4072009/06/29Quotation for The AMC for ComputersPDF
42CPAO/ADMN./Com_Sty/2008-092009/05/28Tender for procurement of stationery itemsPDF