S. No. Ref. No. Date Subject File Type
1-RBI/2016-17/271 DGBA. GAD.No.2646/31.02.007/2016-172017/04/07Systems and Controls for Conduct of Government Banking.PDF
2-RBI_DGBA_GAD_No29602016/03/17Recovery of excess payments made to pensioners.PDF
3-RRBI/2015-16/63/DGBA.GAD.No.H-1/31.05.001/2015-162015/07/01Disbursement of Government Pension by Agency Banks.PDF
4-RBI_DGBA_GAD_H404542015/03/13Refund of over payment of pension to Government Account â Recovery of excess/ wrong pension payments made to the pensioners.PDF
5-DGBA_GAD_H-3085/45-01-001/2008-092008/10/01RBI Circular guidelines on Establishment of CPPC.PDF