S.No. Ref. No. Date Subject File Type
1-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol.III A/152022/04/19Non-disbursal of pension for the month of March 2022 on account of life certificate-reg.
2-CPAO/IT&Tech/7th CPC Revision/19 VOl. III E/8022/2021-22/122022/04/08Procedure for implementaion of change of option by a Pensioner/Family Pensioner from FMA to CGHS (OPD) facility and vice-versa-reg.
3-CPAO/IT&Tech/Clarification/13 Vol. III/2021-22/132022/04/08Nomination by pensioners under the Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983 for payment of life-time arrears.
4-CPAO/IT&Tech/Clarification/13 Vol. III A/7380/2022-23/032022/04/08Recovery of excess payment made to pensioners.
5-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-PPO/6-Vol X(A)/8060/2021-22/022022/04/05Facility for Central Government Civil pensioners to store Electronic PPO in DigiLocker-reg..
6-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performnce/37 Vol.III A/7674/2132022/04/01Payment of Additional quantum of pension at the rates approved by the Government of India.
7-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performnce/Kptal Mahindra Bank/37 Vol(B)2021-22/6476/2122022/03/25Authorisation of Kotak Mahindra Bank for disbursement of Pensions.
8-CPAO IT&Tech/Master Data/14.Vol.(III-A)/7607/2021-22/193.2022/02/15Updation of Master data and submission of changed information in Format-F for e-Scrolls - Reg.
9-CPAO IT&Tech/Life Certificate/2.Vol.V/8535/2021-22/186.2022/02/03Extension of the time period of submission of the life certificate for Central Government pensioners till 28th Feb.2022 in wake of Current Covid-19 pandemic - reg.
10-CPAO IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37.Vol.III/2021-22/181.2022/01/06Payment of Dearness Relief to the pensioners-reg
11-CPAO IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37.Vol.III/2021-22/7109/158.2021/12/09Revised rates of Dearness Relief to freedom fighter pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2021
12-CPAO IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37.Vol.III/2021-22/7109/155.2021/12/08Revised rates of Dearness Relief to retired Judges of Supreme Court/High Courts and family pensioners of such Judges w.e.f.01.07.2021.
13-CPAO IT&Tech/Life Certificate/2.Vol.V/8535/2021-22/150.2021/12/01Extension of time period for submission of the Life Certificate by Central Goverenment pensioners till December 31,2021.
14-O/o-13014(12)/2/2021-IT Technical/6763/1472021/11/26Expeditious settlement of family pension cases by banks.
15-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol-III(A)/2021-22/1332021/11/01Revised rates of Dearness Reflief to Central Government Pensioners / Family Pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2021.
16-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol-III(A)/2021-22/e07607/1132021/10/05Minutes of the meeting held on 01.10.2021 with all the Heads of CPPCs of all the Authorised Banks other than SBI.
17-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol-III(A)/2021-22/e07607/1122021/10/05Minutes of the meeting held on 30.09.2021 with all the Heads of CPPCs/Government business Divisions of State Bank of India (SBI).
18-CPAO/IT&Tech/Life Certificate/2.Vol. V/6476/2021-22/1102021/09/27Submission of Annual Certificate.
19-CPAO/IT&Tech/Life Certificate/2.Vol. V/6476/2021-22/1092021/09/27Compliance of Covid protocols while obtaining Life Certificates from Pensioners.
20-CPAO/Tech/Bank Performance/37(Vol-III)/2021-22/7607/982021/09/21Return of PPO if pension has not been credited to the account of the pensioner for a peeriod of 3 years and above-reg.
21-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37(Vol-III)/2021-22/7607/902021/09/06Data on the first credit of pension on the basis of e-PPO and e-SSA into the account of the pensioner/family pensioner.
22-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37(Vol-III)/2021-22/7607/912021/09/06Compliance of issuing of the Pension slip by Pension Disbursing Banks on monthly basis.
23-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol-III/2021-22/822021/09/02Revised rates of Dearness Relief to retired Juges of Supreme Court/High Courts and family pensioners of such Judges w.e.f.01.07.2021.
24-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol-III/21-22/E-7109/472021/07/23Revised rates of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.21.
25-CPAO/IT&Tech/ePPO 6 Vol-II/2021-22/e06824/422021/07/13Pension case processed in PFMS returned by CPAO due to mistakes made by PAO: Procedure to be followed while re-forwarding pension cases to CPAO after necessary correction-reg.
26-F. No. O/o- 13012/(12)/3/2021-IT Technical/402021/07/12First Credit of pension on the basis of e-PPO into the account of the pensioner/family pensioner followed by subsequent verification with physical PPOs - Regarding.
27-CPAO/IT&Tech/Clarification/Vol-IV (P.F)(13)/21-22/252021/07/01Clarification on Payment of Commuted Value of Pension
28-CPAO/IT&Tech/A-IV/FFP/Vol-IX/2021-22/192021/06/10Dependent family pension under Swatantrata Sainik Samman Yojana-review of policy- regarding
29-CPAO/IT&Tech/Gallantry Award/26/2020-21/062021/05/12Compliance of Income Tax Rules in case of Gallantry Award
30-CPAO/Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol-III(A)/2020-21/812021/02/12Documents to be submitted by family pensioner alongwith the formats.
31-RBI/2020-21/84 DGBA.GBD.No.SUO 546/45.01.001/2020-212021/01/21Withdrawal of circulars - on Recovery of excess pension made to pensioners.
32-CPAO/IT&Tech/UT Chandigarh/F.No.50/2020-21/642020/12/18Admissibility of LTC to the pensioner/family pensioner of UT Administration, Chandigarh as applicable to the pensioners of Punjab Govt.
33-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master Data/14.Vol-III/2020-21/642020/12/10Development of electronic system for processing and authorizing the pension.
34-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 (Vol-III)/2020-21/602020/11/23Regarding marking of PPO number in the bank passbook of Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
35-CPAO/IT&Tech/Life Certificate/2 (Vol-V)/2020-21/412020/09/28Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate from October 2020 till December 2020.
36-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-PPO/6(Vol.X)(D)/P.F/2019-20/312020/08/26Submission of the letter of undertaking by the pensioner and forwarding it along with e-PPO under the digital environment.
37-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-Pension/2019-20/13/132020/07/07Shifting from BSR Code to IFSC for identification of branch
38-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/14 (Vol-III))/2019-20/1822020/02/19Status of minutes of the meeting held on 09.01.2020 with the CPPCs of the Authorised Banks (Other than SBI).
39-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/14 (Vol-III))/2019-20/1812020/02/19Status of minutes of the meeting held on 10.01.2020 with the CPPCs of State Bank of India.
40-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/14 (VolII)/2018-19/1762020/01/21Minutes of the meeting with heads of CPPCs/GBDs of State Bank of India.
41-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/14 (VolII)/2018-19/1752020/01/21Minutes of the meeting with heads of CPPCs of all authorised banks other than SBI.
42-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-PPO/6 (VolX)(D)/P.F./2019-20/1682019/12/31Shifting from BSR Code to IFSC for identifying the Branch of the Authorised Banks.
43-CPAO/IT&Tech/Life certificate/2 (Vol-IV)/2019-20/1592019/12/13Additional Relief on death/disability of Goverenment servants covered by the defined contribution pension system (NPS).
44-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 (Vol-III)/2019/1442019/11/13Regarding marking of PPO number in the bank passbook of Pensioner/Family Pensioners.
45-CPAO/IT &Tech/Bank Performance/2017-18/132 2018/10/05Timely Revision of Pension as per 7th CPC.
46-CPAO/AO/RBD &Comp./MwB/2018-19/N-22018/09/13Uploading of E-scrolls in a regular and systematic manner
47-CPAO/IT & Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol.III/2018-19/852018/08/20Manner of disposal of PPO - death of the pensioner with no claimant authorized for family pension in the same PPO.
48-CPAO/IT & Tech/Master data/14(Vol-III)/2018-19/632018/07/04Minutes of the meeting held on 27th June, 2018
49-CPAO/IT & Tech/Master data/14(Vol-III)/2018-19/622018/07/04Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd June, 2018 at 11.00 AM in CPAO
50-CPAO/IT & Tech/Master data/14(Vol-III)/2018-19/522018/06/22Updation of Master data and submission of changed information in Format-F for E-scrolls.
51-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol.III(E)/2018-19/492018/06/18Acceptance of Digitally Signed Authorities.
52-CPAO/RBD & COMP./2018-19/202018/06/18Minutes of the Meeting - Discuss the issues of non submission of e-scrolls to CPAO.
53-CPAO/IT & Tech/Clarification/13(Vol-III)/2018-19/392018/05/31Date up to which enhanced family pension payable
54-CPAO/IT & Tech/Single window Service/54/2018-19/332018/05/29Grievance Redressal and Monitoring System of CPAO for Banks
55-CPAO/NPS/ Life Certificate/2018-19/2712018/05/18SUBMISSION OF LIFE CERTIFICATE(Under NPS - Additional Relief)
56-CPAO/IT & Tech/SCOVA/20 (Vol-I)/2018-19/262018/05/16Recovery of excess payment made to pensioners.
57-CPAO/IT & Tech/Bank Performance/37 (Vol-III)/2018-19/232018/05/15Non-issue of Pension slip by banks.
58-CPAO/IT & Tech/Bank Performance/37 (Vol-III)/2018-19/122018/05/15Non-acceptance of Nomination Form for Life Time Arrear(LTA).
59-CPAO/IT & Tech/Bank Performance/37 (Vol-III) (A)/2018-19/172018/04/25Deficiency in providing of services by banks to sick pensioners/family pensioner.
60-CPAO/IT & Tech (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III (E)/2018-19/152018/04/23Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance.
61-CPAO/IT & Tech/UT Chandigarh/F.No.50/2018-19/092018/04/17Grant of Additional pension to the old age pensioners of U.T. Chandigarh which is applicable to Punjab Government employees.
62-CPAO/IT & Tech/Bank Performance/37(Vol-II)/2017-18/2042018/03/09Deduction of Income Tax at the time of making payment.
63-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision/(7th CPC)/9.Vol-III(E)/2017-18/2002018/02/21Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to Central Government Civil Pensioners residing in areas not covered under Central Government Health Scheme - reg.
64-CPAO/IT & Tech/Master data/14 (Vol-III)/2017-18/1962018/02/15Minutes of the Meeting - Review the implementation of 7th CPC pension revision.
65-CPAO/IT & Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol.III(PF)/2017-18/11912018/01/25Timely commencement of family pension in favour of spouse by banks in the event of death of the pensioners.
66-CPAO/IT & Tech/Clarification/13(Vol-III)/2017-18/1892018/01/25Intimation of recovery of excess/over payment made to pensioners.
67-CPAO/IT & Tech/Master data/14 (Vol-III)/2017-18/1842018/01/19Meeting with all Heads of CPPCs/Government Business Divisions to review the implementation of 7th CPC. pension revision.
68-CPAO/IT &Tech/Master data/14 (Vol-III)/2017-18/1832018/01/17Meeting with all Heads of CPPCs/Government Business Divisions to review the implementation of 7th CPC. pension revision.
69-CPAO/NPS/ Life Certificate/2018-19/1662018/01/16SUBMISSION OF LIFE CERTIFICATE(Under NPS - Additional Relief)
70-CPAO/IT &Tech/E-PPO/6 (Vol-X)/2017-18/1792018/01/09Implementation of online movement of PPO(Booklet) of fresh retires.
71-CPAO/IT &Tech/Master data/2017-18/14.Vol-III/1772018/01/09Updation of Master data and submission of changed information in Format-F for E-scrolls.
72-CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/2 Vol-V/2017-18/1782018/01/08Submission of 'Life Certificate'.
73-CPAO/NPS/ Life Certificate/2018-19/1382017/11/27SUBMISSION OF LIFE CERTIFICATE(Under NPS - Additional Relief)
74-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III(B)/2017-18/1282017/09/26Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission - Revision of pension of pre-2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners, etc.-reg.
75-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III (B)/2017-18/1062017/08/24Acceptance of digitally signed revision authorities.
76-CPAO/IT &Tech/Clarification(DAs/DAOs) /13(Vol-VIII)/2017-18/942017/08/14Transfer of pensionary liabilities of Das/DAOs in Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IA&AD) from State to Centre.
77-CPAO/IT &Tech/Merger of Associated Banks/68/2017-18/1002017/08/14Merger of Associated Banks with State Bank of India-re-alignmemt of erstwhile CPPCs of SBI and State Bank of Hyderabad.
78-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2017-18/682017/07/14The Central Government’s decision on recommendations of the 7th CPC on allowance payment to Pensioners: revised Fixed Medical Allowance and Constant Attendance Allowance on 100% disablement regarding.
79-CPAO/IT & Tech/Freedom Fighter/1(Vol-X)/2017-18/662017/07/13Clarification regarding Declaration of Employment /Independent Income for claim under dependent family pension under the Swatantrata Sainik Samman Pension Scheme, 1980 now renewed as “Swatantrata Sainik Samman Yojna”.
80-CPAO/IT & Tech/e-PPO/P.F./6.Vol-VI/2017-18/642017/07/10Urgent shifting of CPPCs of Banks to new IP White list for SFTP service.
81-RBI/2017-18/2 DGBA. GAD.No.2/31.02.010/2017-182017/07/01Master Circular on Conduct of Government Business by Agency Banks - Payment of Agency Commission.
82-CPAO/IT&Tech/Simplification/11(Vol-IV)/2016-17/492017/06/12Problems being faced by the pensioners/family pensioners regarding credit of pension amount into their Bank Accounts.
83-CPAO/IT&Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2016-17/412017/06/06Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission - Revision of pension of pre - 2016 Pensioners / Family Pensioners, etc. - reg.
84-CPAO/IT &Tech/e-PPO/6(Vol-X)/2016-17/232017/04/27Implementation of e-PPO for fresh pension cases by sending online digitally signed authorities from CPAO to Banks.
85-CPAO/IT &Tech/Simplification/2016-17/11Vol-VI/182017/04/24Requirements from pensioner for credit of first pension to his/her account by bank.
86-CPAO/IT &Tech/Bank Performance/37(Vol-II)/2016-17/142017/04/19Opening of Joint Account by pensioner with first name of pensioner.
87-RBI/2016-17/271 DGBA. GAD.No.2646/31.02.007/2016-172017/04/07Systems and Controls for Conduct of Government Banking.
88-CPAO/IT &Tech/Clarification/13(Vol-III)/2016-17/2742017/03/31Intimation of recovery of excess/over payment made to pensioners.
89-CPAO/IT &Tech/Bank Performance/2016-17/2552017/02/27Timely commencement of family pension in favour of spouse by banks in the event of death of the pensioners.
90-CPAO/Co-ord/Disposal of pen.cases(115)/2016-17/7032017/02/23Disposal of pending pre-2006 pension revision cases-reg.
91-CPAO/Tech/Banks Performance/2015-16/452016/06/02Issues raised by Pensioners Associations&Pensioners for redressal/action by Banks
92-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-PPO/2016-17/132016/04/13Non-implementation of digital signed pension revision authorities by 15 banks.
93-RRBI/2015-16/63/DGBA.GAD.No.H-1/31.05.001/2015-162015/07/01Disbursement of Government Pension by Agency Banks.
94-CPAO/Tech/Master Data/2015-16/2982015/05/25Reconciliation of Master Data.
95-CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/2014-15/31-722015/01/30Exemption from Physical Appearance for the Purpose of Life Certificate.
96-No. 1(1)/Amendments/CAM/TA-II/2004/6662014/12/30Correction slip to the Civil Accounts Manual-Revised Second Edition-2007
97-CPAO/Tech/Master Data/2014-15/532014/05/29Reconciliation of Master Data
98-CPAO/A-2/2013-14/K. Sundram/2013-14/232014/04/24Procedure regarding switch over of Payment channel from PAO/Treasury to Bank.
99-CPAO/Tech/Pen.Ass./2014-15/182014/04/21Grievances of Pensioners and their Associations with regard to services provided by banks.
100-CPAO/Tech/Classification/2014-15/112014/04/07The issues raised by the Pensioners in the Awareness Program on Pensioners Portal held in Science City, Kolkata under the Chairmanship of Secretary (DOPPW) on 7th Dec.2013
101-CPAO/Tech/Freedom-Fighters/2013-14/274(i)2014/03/10Master Data of banks of State Treasuries pertaining to Freedom Fighter.
102-No.1/Correction_slips/CAM/TA-II/2014/342014/01/22Correction Slip to the Civil Accounts Manual- Revised Second Edition Vol-II
103-F.No.3(4)/2012/TA/2622013/05/10Amendment in Treasury Rules of Central Government- Volume I.
104-CPAO/Tech/Meeting with Banks/2010-11/3092011/04/15Establishment of Central Pension Processing Centre(CPPC) for Disbursement of Central Civil Pensions
105-No.52/CC/28/UP/2007-FF(NZ)2011/04/08Swatantrata Sainik samman Pension from Central Revenues to the Freedom Fighters and their families -Implementation of Court order Reg.
106-38020/02/2010-FC-32011/03/30Grant of Dearness Relief to Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Pensioners/Family Pensioners of the FCI at the modified rates with effect from 01.01.2011
107-CPAO/Tech/Parameter/2010-11/1072011/02/14Information on Master Data from banks.
108-No38020/2/2010-PC32011/01/11DR on IDA Pattern
109-CPAO/Tech/grievances/2010-11/9832010/12/22Payment of pension to old/sick/physically handicapped pensioners
110-CPAO/TECH/Annexure III/2010-11/9532010/12/06Meeting of Secretary (Pension) and other Government Pension Departments with the representatives of banks regarding issue of revised PPOs in respect of Pre-2006.
111-CPAO/Estt./RTI/2007/402010/04/22continuation of this office order of even number dated 10-03-2010.
112-No. CPAO/Tech/6th CPC /2009-10/4452009/11/13Timelines for the Settlement of Pensionary dues authorised by CPAO in respect of the employees of the Central Para Military Forces and other Central Pensioners in Authorised Banks
113-CPAO/Tech/Nodal officers/Min/2009/3042009/09/22Collection of Authorised Banks-wise electronic list of pre-2006 pensioners and their family pensioners by Civil Ministries.
114-No. CPAO/Tech/6th CPC/2009-10/ 1192009/06/30Revision of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in respect of Government servants who had drawn lump sum payment on absorption in Central Public Sector Undertakings / Central Autonomous Bodies- representations / clarifications consequent to Implementalion ot
115-CPAO/Tech/6CPC/2008-09/32009/02/04The changes in formats of Pension payment Order (PPO) and revision authorities necessitated due to the implementation of 6thCPC Report on revision of pension / family pension.
116-CPAO/Tech/6th Pay Commission/2008-09/13132008/11/28Implementation of the Governments decision on the recommendation of the VIth CPC - revision of provisions regulating pension / gratuity / commutation of pension / family pension / disability pension / ex-gratia lump-sum compensation.
117-CPAO/Tech/6CPC/2008-09/13042008/11/19Implementation of the recommendations of the 6th CPC on of revised benefits - revision of the format of Pension Payment Order and Special Seal Authority.
118-D.O. No: CPAO/Tech/Misc/20082008/10/17Regulations all the pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2006.
119-D.O. No: CPAO/Tech/6th CPC/Misc/12652008/10/14Implementation of the revision of the pensionary benefits in respect of pre-2006 pensioners / family pensioners.
120-DGBA_GAD_H-3085/45-01-001/2008-092008/10/01RBI Circular guidelines on Establishment of CPPC.
121-D.O. No: CPAO/Tech/6th CPC/Misc/12652008/09/26Implementation of Government Decision on the Recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission - Revision of Pension of pre-2006 for Central Civil Pensioners.
122-CPAO/TECH/STG.COM/CGA/2001-02/3722002/09/18The Single Window System For C C pensioner W.e.f.1-11-2002 RBI Circular NO. DGBA.GAD.130/45.01.001/2002-03 Dated 30.8.2002 Refers
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