S.No. Ref. No. Date Subject File Type
1-NEWCPAO/IT&Tech/Correspondence with PAOs /2022-23/8535/1112022/06/23Verification of fields in PPOs/e-PPOs with e-Scroll.
2-NEWCPAO/IT&Tech/Correspondence with PAOs /2022-23/8535/1122022/06/23Nomination of Pensioners under the Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules,1983 for payment of life-time arrears.
3-NEWCPAO/IT&Tech/Gallantry Award/26/2022-23/902022/06/03Streamlining of the procedure for payment of monetary allowance attached to gallantry award/Police Medal to the retired personnel of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and Gallantry Allowance attached with Asadharan Suraksha Seva Praman Patra (ASSPP) to the retired officers of Cabinet Secretariat.
4-CPAO/IT&Tech/Mis.Corres./35(Vol-II)/2020-21/206.2022/03/14Payment of Provisional Pension and Gratuity under Rule 62 of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 2021 in Case of delay in issue of PPO authorizing regular pension - reg.
5-CPAO IT&Tech/NPS Procedure/22.Vol.IV/5690/2021-22/191.2022/02/14Correct entries in mannual PPO Booklet to avoid duplicity in NPS cases - Reg.
6-CPAO IT&Tech/Clarification/13.Vol.IV/8481/2021-22/153.2021/12/02Seeking pension related advice/clarification from Central Pension Accounting Office-reg.
7-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/Commutation/90(P.F)/2021-22/1462021/11/18Processing of commutation of pension cases through e-Revision Utility - Reg.
8-CPAO/IT&Tech/PFMS/84(P.F)/2021-22/1372021/11/02Instructions to PAO for calling back request of PPO and its cancellation - Reg.
9-CPAO/IT&Tech/PFMS/84(P.F.)/2021-22/852021/09/02Regarding obtaining of PPO Number in respect of the pension cases no processed through Pension Module of PFMS.
10-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master Data/14.Vol-III(A)/20120-21/382020/09/21Development of electronic system for processing and authorizing the pension.
11-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-Pension/2020-21/162020/07/10Shifting from BSR Code to IFSC for identification of branch.
12-CPAO/B&A/SCT/2019-20/13/14-652020/06/03Appropriation Accounts for 2019-2020 of Grant No. 37- Pensioner for Submission of SCT figures and JEs to CPAO
13-CPAO/IT&Tech/PFMS/84 (P.F))/2019-20/1782020/02/07Regarding generation of PPO Number in respect of the pension cases not processing through Pension Module of PFMS.
14-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III (E)/2018-19/952018/08/29Mandatory use of Digital Signature - regarding.
15-CPAO/IT & Tech/Clarification/P&PW/13(Vol-III)/2018-19/682018/07/13Procedure for extending the benefits of Old GPF/Pension Scheme to those casual workers covered under the Scheme of 1993 and regularized o nor after 01.01.2004
16-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol.III(B)/2018-19/532018/06/25E-scrolls to process the revision of pension cases.
17-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision (7th CPP)/19.Vol-III (D)/2017-18/122018/04/19Common mistakes by PAOs in processing of Revision of Pension under 7th CPC
18-CPAO/IT & Tech/Clarification/13(Vol-VII)/2017-18/2072018/03/15Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th CPC - Revision of pension of pre - 2016 retired medical officers.
19-CPAO/IT & Tech/Simplification/11.Vol-VI/2017-18/2062018/03/12Payment of arrears accruing in respect of deceased pensioners/family pensioners to the nominee/legal heir.
20-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III (E)/2017-18/2032018/03/09Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th CPC - Revision of pension of pre - 2016 Pensioners / Family Pensioners,etc.- reg.
21-CPAO/IT & Tech /Revision (7th CPC)/2017-182018/01/22Common mistakes by PAOs in processing of Revision of Pension under (7th CPC)
22-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision/(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III(E)/2017-18/1472017/11/14Mandatory use of Digital Signature - Regarding.
23-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision/(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III(C)/2016-17/1432017/11/03Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission - Revision of pension of pre-2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners, etc-reg.
24-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III(B)/2017-18/1332017/10/11Revision of Pension of Pre-2016(7th CPC) pensioner/family pensioners.
25-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III(B)/(E)/2017-18/1272017/09/25Mandatory use of Digital Signature - Regarding.
26-CPAO/IT &Tech/Shifting of payment channel/69/2017-18/1252017/09/22Shifting of payment channel of pension/family pension from PAO counter/Monney Order to Authorised Banks through CPAO
27-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III(D)/2017-18/1222017/09/20Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission - Revision of pension of pre-2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners, etc.-reg.
28-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III (E)/2017-18/1122017/09/05Payment of Non-Practicing Allowance(NPA) to the Doctors at revised rates processing of payment of revised NPA - regarding.
29-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III (B)/2017-18/1112017/09/04Implementation of Revision of Pension of Pre 01.01.2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners in pursuance to DP&PW OM 38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 12th May 2017 and Ministry of Finance (Deptt. Of Expenditure) OM No. 1(13).EV/2017 dated 23rd May, 2017.
30-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III(D)/2016-17/1312017/08/25Processing of pre-2006 pension cases of AIS Pensioners.
31-CPAO/Co-ord/Update Report/2017-18/3232017/08/23Intimation of Name of the Nodal Officer of AGs - regarding.
32-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III (a)/2017-18/972017/08/177th CPC Pension Revision: regarding
33-CPAO/IT &Tech/Shifting of Payment Channel/2017-18/962017/08/14Shifting of payment channel of pension /family pension from PAO Counter/ Money order to Authorised Banks through CPAO.
34-CPAO/Co-ord/Update Report/2017-18/3122017/08/11Intimation of Name of the Nodal Officer of Ministry/Departments – regarding.
35-CPAO/CDN/7th CPC/2017-18/3112017/08/11Submission of e-Revision Authorities through the e-Revision utility by the PAOs reg.
36-CPAO/IT &Tech /Pre-2006 (PSU)/8.Vol-Vol/2017-18/832017/07/21Restoration of full pension of absorbee pensioners in view of the order dated 01.09.2006 of Hon’ble Supreme Court in Civil Appeal No. 6048/10 and Civil Appeal No. 6371/2010.
37-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2016-17/612017/07/07Implementation of 7th CPC Recommendation on Revision of pension of pre 01.O1.2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
38-No. CPAO /Co-ord/7th CPC (100)/2017-18/2212017/06/23Status of Revision of Pension Under 7th CPC.
39-CPAO/IT&Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2016-17/372017/05/25Implementation of Revision of Pension of Pre 1.1.2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners in pursuance to DP &PW OM 38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 12th May 2017 and Ministry of Finance (Deptt. of Expenditure) OM No. 1(13)/EV/2017 dated 23rd May,2017.
40-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2016-17/282017/05/08Roll out of e-Revision utility of CPAO for 7th CPC revision of penssion in all Delhi based PAOs: Training of PAO officials.
41-CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2016-17/2542017/02/27Pilot run of e-Revision Utility of CPAO for 7th CPC Revision of Pension.
42-CPAO/Co-ord/Disposal of pen.cases(115)/2016-17/7042017/02/23Disposal of pending pre-2006 pension revision cases and submission of certificate of non availability of record-reg.
43-CPAO/IT &Tech/Simplification/2016-17/11 Vol-V/1622016/10/31Automatic Restoration of Commutation of pension and payment of Additional Pension.
44-CPAO/IT &Tech/Clarification /2016-17/13 Vol-VI/1602016/10/26Crediting of enhanced Medical Allowance to the pensioners account by Banks.
45-CPAO/IT &Tech/Web Responsive Service /2016-17/16 Vol-X/1592016/10/25Proceedings of the Workshop for CCAs on monitoring the pensioners grievances and uploading of retirees list through 'Web Responsive Pensioners' Service' held on 05.10.2016 at SWASTI Conference Hall of Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan.
46-CPAO/IT &Tech/Web Responsive Service /2016-17/16 Vol-X/1582016/10/25Proceedings of the Workshop for Banks on monitoring the pensioners grievances through 'Web Responsive Pensioners' Service' held on 03.10.2016 at SWASTI Conference Hall of Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan.
47-CPAO/IT &Tech/Clarification/Part-II/13/(Vol-IV)/2016-17/1572016/10/21Payment of Commuted Value of Pension - issuance of separate Authority for Commuted Value of Pension (CVP) and revision of pension regarding.
48-CPAO/Tech/Jeevan Pramaan/(3) Vol-II/2015-16/1562016/10/20Indication of Aadhaar number in Pension papers of all employees-regarding.
49-CPAO/IT&Tech/Revision/7th CPC/19.Vol-V/2015-16/1492016/10/10Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission-Revision Pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc.
50-CPAO/IT&Tech/7th CPC/2016-17/1452016/10/04Revision of post-2016 pension cases - regarding.
51-CPAO/Budget/RE-2016-17/BE-2017-18/248-3002016/09/23Estimate for inclusion in the Demand No.35 - 'Pension' Revised Estimates 2016-17 and BE for 2017-18.
52-No. 1/20/2016-P&PW(E)2016/08/08Indication of Aadhaar numbers in the pension papers of all retiring employee - reg.
53-CPAO/Estt./Work Allocation/2015/3822015/08/27CPAO/Estt./Work Allocation/2015/382
54-CPAO/Tech/Jeevan Pramaan/2014-15/218-2592015/03/21Aadhaar based Digital Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan).
55-CPAO/Tech/Computer Cell/Misc./2014-15/104-1682015/02/26Payment of Pension through PAO Cash Counters-reg.
56-CPAO/Tech/Simplification/2014-15/595-6362014/10/14Submission of Form 14 by the spouse to the pension disbursing bank after the death of the pensioner - instruction reg.
57-CPAO/Tech/Bank Performance/2014-15/511-5812014/09/23Manner of disposal of PPO - death of the pensioner with no claimant authorized for family pension in the same PPO.
58-CPAO/Tech/Simpli/2014-15/99-1752014/08/08Simplification of pension procedure-submission of undertaking by retiring Government servant along with pension papers.
59-CPAO/Tech/e-PPO/2014-15/179-2142014/07/30Software (E-PPO utility) for processing pension cases.
60-CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/2014-15/99-1752014/07/28Requirement of Life Certificate at the time of first credit of pension.
61-CPAO/Tech/e-ppo/2014-15/732014/06/17software (e-PPO utility) for processing pension.
62-CPAO/Tech/Simplification/2014-15/522014/05/28Simplification of Pension procedure-submission of undertaking by retiring Government servant along with pension papers.
63-CPAO/Tech/CPPC/ICICI/2013-14/052014/04/02Approval for change of CPPC address due to shifting of location/premises of CPPC.
64-CPAO/Tech/Parameters/2013-14/012014/03/31Timelines for the Settlement of Pensionary dues authorized by CPAO in respect of Central Civil Pensioners including AIS officers and the employees of the Central Para Military Forces in Authorized banks.
65-CPAO/Tech./Amdt.sch.Book/2013-14/2912014/03/27Embargo for further allocation of business to Private Sector Bank and removal of state-wise jurisdiction from authorized banks for disbursement of Central Civil Pension.
66-CPAO/Tech/Master Data/2013-14/2882014/03/24Reconciliation of Master Data.
67-NO. CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/2013-14/2602014/02/20Performa of Life Certificate to be submitted by the pensioners.
68-CPAO/Tech/Simplification/2013-14/2522014/02/06Co-Authorization of Family of permanently disabled children/dependent parents and permanently disabled siblings.
69-CPAO/Tech/1/3rd PSU absorbee/2013-14/1262013/10/22Representation regarding revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioner in the light of P&PW OM No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 28th January, 2013.
70-No. 29018/16/2012- AIS(II)2013/10/17Notification regarding Indian Administrative Services (Commutation of Pensions) Amendment Regulations, 2013.
71-CPAO/Tech/1/3rd PSU absorbee/2013-14/1262013/09/06Revision of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in respect of Government servants who had drawn lump sum payment on absorption in Central Public Sector Undertaking/Central Automonous bodies- representation/ clarification consequent to Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendation of the 6th CPC-regarding.
72-CPAO/Tech/Amdt. Sch. Book/2013-14/1062013/07/31Correction Slip - 21.
73-CPAO/Tech/e-Revision/2013-14/752013/06/26Mandatory submission of e-revision authorities by PAOs.
74-CPAO/Tech/e-PPO/2013-2014/732013/06/26Software (e-PPO utility) for processing pension cases.
75-No.CPAO/E-Revision/ PRE-2006/ 2013-14/8912013/06/25Meeting on e-Pension/ e-PPO/ e-revision of Pension.
76-CPAO/CO-ORD/Revion of Pension/2012-13/8902013/06/25Implementation of Sixth Central Pay Commission-Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners etc. as per O.M. No. 38/37/08-P&PW(A).
77-CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/2013-2014/612013/06/10Submission of life certificates with additional information in November every year.
78-CPAO/Tech/e-PPo/2013-2014/572013/06/03Software (e-PPO utility) for processing pension cases.
79-CPAO/Tech/Amdt. Sch. Book/2012-13/3652013/03/18Correction Slip - 20.
80-CPAO/Tech/Amdt. Sch. Book/2012-13/3192013/02/06Correction Slip - 19.
81-CPAO/Tech/Amdt. Sch. Book/2012-13/1712012/09/14Correction Slip - 18.
82-CPAO/Tech/Amdt. Sch. Book/2012-13/1712012/03/06Correction Slip - 16.
83-CPAO/Tech/Amdt. Sch. Book/2011-12/14182012/02/07Correction Slip - 17.
84-F.No. CPAO/Tech/CPPC/Guidelines/2011-12/292012/02/01Accounting and Operating Procedure for Central Pension Processing Center of Authorized Banks for Pension Disbursement to Central Government (Civil) Pensioners.
85-CPAO/Tech/Disb.Pens/2011-12/9432011/11/09Disbursement of monthly pension during the first week of every month payment of DA within two months Kerala Low Times 2008.
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