Inder Bhushan Safaya,
PPO No. xxxx xxxx 0536

I highly appreciate the initiative (WRPS) taken by CPAO/GOI to provide top class services to the civil pensioners of Govt. of India. After seeding the tutorial presented by your good-self, I immediately registered myself on the web application and saw all my details related to pension at 'one place' which was not possible before. My sincere appreciation goes to you and your team, Whosoever is involved in crediting such a beauty.

T. V. K. Warrier

You may not know me. Doesn't matter. I am a 91 year old Civil Pensioner. And there are over 900 odd pensioners of my age or even older than mine, awaiting the result of the latest orders revising the pension. It was very heartening to see the OM of CPAO dated June 6, 2017. We, old pensioners, are happy to realize that the CPAO is very concerned about our welfare. I express my thanks to you for issuing stern instruction to the CPPCs to expedite payment of arrears, if any, to the pensioners, before their next pension payment becomes due. Thanking your once again.

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