Nodal Officer
Sh. Darshan kumar saini, Sr. Accounts Officer,
Telephone No. 26177071, Fax No.-011-26167326,26715108
Name & Designation of CPIO Name & Designation of First Appellate Authority
Sh. Rahul Arora, Asstt. Accounts Officer,
Telephone No. 26166759, Fax No.-011-26167326, 011-26166759
Sh. Anil Kumar, Sr. Accounts Officer,
Telephone No. 2616679, Fax No.-011-26167326, 011-26166756
S. No. Ref. No. Date Subject File Type
1-CPAO/CO-ORD/RTI Report/2012-13/5012012/10/09Submission of Quarterly returns regarding IInd quarter (period ending September, 2012), for 2012-13.PDF
2-CPAO/Tech/RTI/REPORT/2011-12/462012/04/26Submission of Quarterly return for the 4th quarter ending as on 31.03.2012 and Annual report.PDF
3-CPAO/Estt./RTI/2012/9882012/01/24modification in the structures of central public information officers/Appellate authority in CPAOPDF
4-CPAO/Tech/RTI/Report/2011-12/4562011/06/02Submission of Quarterly returns regarding 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th quarter for 2010-11PDF
5-CPAO/Estt./RTI/2007/982010/05/19The Competent Authority has designated Shri Pratap Dev, Sr. A.O. as CPIO in respect of Authorization-II section, in terms of section(5) of Right to Information Act, 2005 dated on 19-05-2010.PDF
6-CPAO/Tech/RTI/Report/2010-11/3252010/04/26R.T.I. Quarterly Report for quater ending march 2010.PDF
7-CPAO/Estt./RTI/2007/402010/04/22continuation of this office order of even number dated 10-03-2010.PDF
8-CPAO/Estt./RTI/2007/9922010/03/10Structure of CPIOs/CAPIOs in CPAO dated 10-03-2010PDF
9-CPAO/Tech/RTI Report/09-102010/01/28Submission of Quarterly Report of Cases received under RTI Act 2005, Quarter ending 31/12/2009.PDF
10-RTI2010/01/01Archive and mandatory informationHTML