S.No. Ref. No. Date Subject File Type
1-CPAO/Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol-III(A)/2020-21/812021/02/12Documents to be submitted by family pensioner alongwith the formats.
2-RBI/2020-21/84 DGBA.GBD.No.SUO 546/45.01.001/2020-212021/01/21Withdrawal of circulars - on Recovery of excess pension made to pensioners.
3-CPAO/IT&Tech/UT Chandigarh/F.No.50/2020-21/642020/12/18Admissibility of LTC to the pensioner/family pensioner of UT Administration, Chandigarh as applicable to the pensioners of Punjab Govt.
4-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master Data/14.Vol-III/2020-21/642020/12/10Development of electronic system for processing and authorizing the pension.
5-CPAO/Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol-III/2020-21/632020/12/08Review of Grievance Mechanism - reg.
6-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 (Vol-III)/2020-21/602020/11/23Regarding marking of PPO number in the bank passbook of Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
7-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master Data/14.Vol-III(A)/20120-21/382020/09/21Development of electronic system for processing and authorizing the pension.
8-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-PPO/6(Vol.X)(D)/P.F/2019-20/312020/08/26Submission of the letter of undertaking by the pensioner and forwarding it along with e-PPO under the digital environment.
9-CPAO/IT&Tech/Misc. Corres./Postal/35/2019-20/292020/08/14Regarding speedy delivery of Pension Payment Orders (PPOs) to CPAO.
10-CPAO/IT&Tech/Pension Process/12 (Vol-VIII)/2020-21/272020/08/10Timely processing of Pension cases by Pay and Accounts Officers of Ministries/Departments.
11-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-Pension/2020-21/162020/07/10Shifting from BSR Code to IFSC for identification of branch.
12-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-Pension/2019-20/13/132020/07/07Shifting from BSR Code to IFSC for identification of branch
13-CPAO/B&A/SCT/2019-20/13/14-652020/06/03Appropriation Accounts for 2019-2020 of Grant No. 37- Pensioner for Submission of SCT figures and JEs to CPAO
14-CPAO/GRV/MISC./2019-20/103-1082020/03/18Preventive measure to contain the spread of Novel Corona virus (COVID-19)-regarding.
15-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/14 (Vol-III))/2019-20/1822020/02/19Status of minutes of the meeting held on 09.01.2020 with the CPPCs of the Authorised Banks (Other than SBI).
16-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/14 (Vol-III))/2019-20/1812020/02/19Status of minutes of the meeting held on 10.01.2020 with the CPPCs of State Bank of India.
17-CPAO/IT&Tech/PFMS/84 (P.F))/2019-20/1782020/02/07Regarding generation of PPO Number in respect of the pension cases not processing through Pension Module of PFMS.
18-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/14 (VolII)/2018-19/1762020/01/21Minutes of the meeting with heads of CPPCs/GBDs of State Bank of India.
19-CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/14 (VolII)/2018-19/1752020/01/21Minutes of the meeting with heads of CPPCs of all authorised banks other than SBI.
20-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-PPO/6 (VolX)(D)/P.F./2019-20/1682019/12/31Shifting from BSR Code to IFSC for identifying the Branch of the Authorised Banks.
21-CPAO/IT&Tech/Life certificate/2 (Vol-IV)/2019-20/1592019/12/13Additional Relief on death/disability of Goverenment servants covered by the defined contribution pension system (NPS).
22-CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 (Vol-III)/2019/1442019/11/13Regarding marking of PPO number in the bank passbook of Pensioner/Family Pensioners.
23-CPAO/IT&Tech/Life Certificate/2 Vol-V/2019-20/1462019/11/13Submission of 'Life certificate'.
24-CPAO/IT&Tech/e-PPO/6(Vol-x)(D)/PF/2019-20/1402019/11/01Discontinuation of BSR code-regarding.
25-CPAO/IT&Tech /NPS Procedure/22.Vol-III/P.F./2019-20/85-922019/09/04Accounting Procedure for crediting the amount withdrawn by the pensioner from PFRDA and interest thereon in to Government Account for availing benefit of Additional Relief on Death/Disability of the Govt. Servant covered under NPS-reg.
26-CPAO/IT&Tech /Master Data/14.Vol-III/P.F./2019-20/772019/08/19Transmission of e-PPO(PDF &XML)to the authorized banks in fresh pension cases.
27-CPAO/IT&Tech /e-PPO/6.(Vol-X)(D)2019-202019/08/19Discontinuation of BSR code-regarding.
28-CPAO/IT&Tech /Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III(E)/2019-20/662019/08/05Clarification of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA).
29-CPAO/IT&Tech /Revision Pre-2006(Ref.)/8 (Vol-VIII)/2019-20/632019/07/26Revision of pension w.e.f. 01.01.2006 of Pre-2006 pensioners who retired from 5th CPC scale of 6500-10500/- or equivalent pay scale in the earlier Pay Commission periods.
30-CPAO/IT&Tech /Life Certificate/2 Vol- V/2018-19/642019/07/26Submission of Life Certificate
31-CPAO/IT&Tech /Master Data/14.Vol-III/P.F./2017-18/532019/07/04Status report of agenda items as per the meeting dated 23.01.2019 and 24.01.2019
32-CPAO/IT&Tech /Master Data/14.Vol-III/P.F./2017-18/542019/07/04Progress report on incorporation of e-PPO format meeting dated 23.01.2019 and 24.01.2019
33-CPAO/IT&Tech /Delhi Adminstration/2018-19/232019/05/13Payment of Dearness Relief on pension to the re-employed teachers of Delhi Administration
34-CPAO/IT&Tech /Bank Performance/37(Vol-III)A/2019/182019/04/23Regarding marking of PPO number in the bank passbook of Pensioners/Family Pensioners
35-CPAO/IT&Tech / 11(Vol-VI)/Simplification/2018-19/012019/04/01Simplification of pension procedure-submission of undertaking by retiring Government servant along with pension & Handing over of PPO booklet to Pensioners by Head Office-reg.
36-CPAO/Admn./TDS/2018-19/9092019/03/29Application for inviting rate quotations for filing of e-TDS.
37-CPAO/IT &Tech/Website/16 (Vol-II A)/2018-19/2342019/03/22Regarding 12 digit PPO number search option on CPAO Website from Old PPO number.
38-CPAO/IT &Tech/Master Data/14/14(Vol-III)/2018-19/2262019/02/28Minutes of Meeting- At CPAO with all Heads of CPPCs of SBI to review the Implementation of 7th CPC Pensin Revision.
39-CPAO/IT &Tech/Master Data/14/14(Vol-III)/2018-19/2252019/02/28Minutes of Meeting- At CPAO with all Heads of CPPCs of all Authorized Bank other than SBI to review the Implementation of 7th CPC Pensin Revision.
40-CPAO/AO/RBD &Comp./MwB/2018-19/N-22018/09/13Uploading of E-scrolls in a regular and systematic manner
41-CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision(7th CPC)/19.Vol-III (E)/2018-19/952018/08/29Mandatory use of Digital Signature - regarding.
42-CPAO/Tech/Parameter/2010-11/1072011/02/14Information on Master Data from banks.
43-CPAO/DCA/eRevision/Pre-2006/2010/828-8702010/11/09Software (e-Revision Utitlity) for processing Pre-2006 Pension Cases.
44-CPAO/Tech/6th/CPC/MIsc/2010/4042010/06/05Implementation of Government"s decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commision- Revision of pension of Pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners.
45-CPAO/Tech/6th CPC/Misc/2010/3432010/04/28Payment of arrears of pension/family pension on account of revision pension/family pension in respect of those pensioners and family pensioners who have died after 01/01/2006
46-DGBA_GAD_H-3085/45-01-001/2008-092008/10/01RBI Circular guidelines on Establishment of CPPC.
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