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Chief Controller (Pension)

Chief Controller (Pension) is the overall in charge of the Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO). He/she is responsible for administering the "Scheme for payment of Pension to Central Government Civil Pensioners by authorised Banks".

Chief Controller (Pension) ensures the management of the pension grant and its budgeting and is responsible for the preparation of monthly and annual pension accounts. He/she is also responsible for the Audit of the CPPCs of the pension disbursing banks. Through office of the Chief Controller (Pension) Special Seal Authorities (SSAs) for authorization of pension payment in fresh as well as revision pension cases are issued to the authorised banks for making pension payments.

Shri Rokhum Lalremruata is presently posted as Chief Controller (Pension) and he is a 1996 batch Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS) Officer.

Controller of Accounts

Controller of Accounts assists Chief Controller (Pension) in discharging his duties; for administering the Scheme for payment of Pension to Central Government Civil Pensioners by Authorised Banks.

Dy. Controller of Accounts

Dy. Controller of Accounts assists Chief Controller (Pension) in discharging his duties; for administering the Scheme for payment of Pension to Central Government Civil Pensioners by Authorised Banks.

Sh. Md. Shahid Kamal Ansari is presently posted as Dy. Controller of Accounts and he is a 2014 batch Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS) Officer.

List of all the Sections of Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO)

S.No. Section Name of the Accounts Officers Main Services
1. Admn. & Establishment Section Sh. Yash Pal
  • Deals with Administrative and Establishment matters of the Central Pension Accounting Office
  • Payment of bills of the suppliers and claims of other officials.
2. Pre-Check Section Sh. Satish Garg
  • Deals with pre-check of bills concerning establishment of Central pension Accounting Office,
  • New Pension Scheme-Additional Relief, inward claims and generate of PFMS reports, compile and submit the monthly account to CGA, reconciliation of head wise Uploads NPS Contribution, MIS-8 Reports,
  • e-TABF (24G) Reports, e-Lekha and maintain CPAO data backups with PNB Locker.
3. CDN and AIS Section Sh. R.Sivakumar
  • Prepare meeting notice, minutes of meeting, reply of Parliament questions, get its approval from the competent authority and issue it to the respective Ministry/ Department Fresh Pension cases,
  • Revision cases, Reimbursement claims in respect of AIS pensioners/family pensioners who are drawing pension through State Government, Switchover of pension cases from state AGs to Centre (Govt. of India), Disposal of Grievances
4. Accounts & Budget Section
  • Preparation of Finance Account Appropriation Account, Statement of Central Transactions and Accounts at a Glance,
  • Reimbursement claims in respect of High Court Judges pensioners/family pensioners, Freedom Fighter pensioners, Burma Pensioners and 29 AGs in respect of pension paid to Civil Pensioners other than AIS pensioners/family pensioners Collection and Compiling the data from various Ministries/Departments and prepare the BE,RE and final Budget, get its approval and submit to the Finance Ministry,
  • Scrutinizes E-Lekha reports on weekly basis for effective control over budget.
5. Internal Audit Section Sh. Gian Chand
  • Audit of CPPC of Pension Disbursing Bank, Issue of audit report for action to the respective banks,
  • Reply by IAW to compliance of Audit Report furnished by CPPC.
6. RBD & NPS Section Shri P.K. Sapra
  • Compiles the monthly Account on the basis of scrolls received from different banks,
  • Reconciliation of put through (received from CAS, RBI, Nagpur) and scrolls received from banks. Preparation of PSB Suspense Report on the basis of Monthly Statement of compilation and DMA-I statement received from CAS, RBI, Nagpur Direct Disbursal of family pension cases under NPS-AR.
7. R & D Section Sh. S.M. Abu Qaisar
  • Receipt of dak inclusive of fresh PPOs, revision of pension, e-authorization etc. Sorting out the cases Section-wise.
  • Diarizing the dak according to its nature, distributing the dak to the concerned Sections. Dispatch of the finalized cases
8. Data Bank Section Sh. Praful Dabral
  • Updation of BSR Code directory, modification of PAO code, allotment of New PPO number for Pre-90 cases received from PAO, Bank & Pensioners
9. Authorization Section-I Sh. Dilip Pathak
Smt. Ritu Pathak
Sh. Dwarka Das
  • Authorization to banks by issuing Special Seal Authority of:
  • Fresh Pension
  • Pension Revision
  • E-revision
  • Switchover of pension cases from PAOs and treasury to Banks
10. Authorization Section-II Sh. Girish Kumar
Smt.Shashi Kumar,
Smt. R. SriLatha
11. Authorization Section-III Sh.Suresh Kuttichira
Smt. Ritu Gosain
Sh. Sunil Kumar Rana
12. RTI & Legal Section Shri J.Raghuraman
  • Deals with legal notices, attends the Central Administrative Tribunals, Consumer Forums, Public Grievance Commissions, National Human Rights Commission and High Court Benches.
13. Grievance Cell Sh. J. Raghuraman
  • Disposal of Grievances received from various stakeholders:
  • VIP through: Letter, Telephone, E-mail
  • General letters
  • General Enquiry by a person through: Personal visit, Telephone, E-mail
  • WRPS software for Grievance handling where grievances received from pensioners are registered and processed in an organized manner.
14. NIC Section Shri Davinder Kumar
  • NIC plays an important role in implementation of computerization and improving Information Technology in CPAO.
  • NIC performs the following duties: Design Interfaces for all the Stakeholders, like Banks, RBI, PAOs, Pr.AOs, pensioner for transfer of information to/from CPAO,
  • Advise CPAO for Infrastructure upgradation to improve efficiency of work, Business Process Reengineering, System Analysis & Design, Development, Testing, Training, Maintenance of the Application and User Support, Backup & Recovery, Database Administration, Servers Administration, Data updation for website on NIC data centre, remotely from CPAO server on a daily basis. Website maintenance, Network Management, system startup & shutdown.
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