79.484 K Registered Pensioners of WRPS

What is Web Responsive Pensioners' Service?

In its constant endeavor to provide better and prompt services to pensioners, Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) is providing various services to stake holders viz. Ministries, PAOs, Banks and Pensioners through its Website www.cpao.nic.in. CPAO has developed a mobile responsive facility for use of pensioners for availing of various services. Pensioners/ Family Pensioners can register on the CPAO website by providing PPO number and Date of Birth & Date of Retirement/Date of Death. Pensioners can also lodge their grievances online and track status through this portal.

Features of this are as follows:

Features of this service are as follows:

  • Facility of Login using any mobile device
  • Facility to view the Complete Pensioner Profile
  • Digital Record of Pension & Revision Orders
  • Download Facility of Pension/Revision Orders Sent To Banks
  • Tracking status of Pension Processing
  • Grievance Redressal and its status
  • SMS Facility of status of pension processing at CPAO and of grievance registration and disposal
  • Link to Jeevan Pramaan, Bhavishya and CPENGRAMS Portals
  • Dashboards for banks, PAOs, ministries/ departments
  • Facility for obtaining feedback of pensioners.


For monitoring purposes, a dashboard facility containing MIS reports has been provided for Pensioners, Banks & Ministries/Departments. In the pensioners’ dashboard, facilities to view personal and pension information, last 36 payments transactions, view and download Special Seal Authority (SSA), registration and tracking of grievances have been provided.

Step by Step Process of login is as under:

  • Open CPAO website https://cpao.nic.in
  • Click under the caption Pensioner's Service (WRPS)
  • Login, if you have already registered
  • For new registration, pensioner has PPO number and account number
  • Pensioner registration from for Central Civil Pensioners
  • PPO number, Date of birth, Date of retirement/death
  • User registration form and pensioner can create user ID and password accordingly
  • User registration form and pensioner can create user ID and password accordingly

Pensioners Information Service

The Web Responsive Pensioners' service has been developed to provide single point web solution for pensioners to obtain comprehensive information relating to status of the pensions and pension payments.

Pensioners can avail the following services after registration on CPAO website:

Pensioner Profile : Pensioners can view their profile and also of the bank and PAO concerned.

Digital Record of Pension & Revision Orders : View list of all Pension Payments &Revision Orders sent to banks from CPAO

Download Facility of Pension/Revision Orders Sent To Banks :Pensioners can download Pension/Revision Orders sent to Banks from CPAO website

Monthly Details of Pension Payments :Pensioners can view details of monthly payments of pension that are credited to their bank accounts, i.e. their basic pension, dearness relief, medical allowance, arrear payments, etc. This information is being made available from the monthly scrolls received from the banks. Payment details of the last six transactions are shown

SMS Facility :Pensioners are now provided with an SMS facility for tracking status of pension process at CPAO, and at the stage of grievance registration & disposal.

Grievance Redressal

Pension Processing Status Tracking : Retired and retiring pensioners can track status of their pension cases of both new as well as revision like date of receipt of their cases in CPAO and date sent from CPAO to the Bank. To track the pension status, in respect of retired government employees, PPO numbers, date of birth and date of retirement/date of death are required. For retiring employees, PAN number and date of retirement is required.

Grievance Redressal :Pensioners can lodge their grievances and view/track status of their grievances through this service. In addition, lodging of grievances online on CPAO website, facility to lodge grievance by letter, fax, email, Toll free Number and personal visits and track its status is provided. After receiving a grievance from pensioner; CPAO forwards the same online to the concerned banks and field offices for redressal. Its status is updated on the website for the information of pensioners.

Link to Jeevan Pramaan, Bhavishya and CPENGRAMS Portals :Link to Jeevan Pramaan Portal has been provided on CPAO website to enable pensioners to use facility of Digital Life Certificate (DLC). For retiring employees, a link has been established with Bhavishya Portal of DP&PW to enable them to track status of their pension cases even before the case reaches CPAO. A link to CPENGRAMS (Centralized Pension Grievance Redress And Monitoring System) has also been provided so as to enable pensioners to lodge and track their grievances on CPENGRAMS

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